Why Noor Communications

Today, Noor Communications stands tall as one of Pakistan’s Leading Digital Cable TV Networks.  While we stand grounded in a rich heritage of technological advancement, we are soaring high toward a new world of entertainment as the most preferred and innovative leader.  Let’s have a glimpse of Noor Communications cable tv services!


Noor Communications Advantages

  • *        More than 500 kms of optical fiber and co-axial cable.
  • *        Touching  many areas and providing a redundant and scalable distribution network.
  • *        Utilizing our In-depth “know how” in conjunction with the landscape and mindset of a LCO (Local Cable Operator).


Excellent Viewing Experience

  • *        High quality Digital picture and sound via your Cable TV.
  • *        Uninterrupted Signals even during bad weather.


A Bouquet of Channels (For Everyone) - More channels - Over 250 SD, HD & 3D TV Channels.

  • *        Local news and events.
  • *        A flavor of regional music, videos and movies.
  • *        A wide variety of packages and channels to suit everyone's needs.



  • *        Electronic Programming Guide : Program List + Favourite Channel list
  • *        Parental Control – block unwanted channels
  • *        Inhouse Movie Channels
  • *        Maximum Regional Channels


Dedicated Customer Support

  • *        24x7 Personalized Service
  • *        Service Technicians in your neighborhood